Advanced System and Software Engineering Research Technologies [in1163]

Semestre Letivo 2011.2

Oficial Name: Tópicos Avançados em Desenvolvimento de Software de Código Aberto

Where: Centro de Informática

When: 2011.2


  • To Transfer the state-of-the-art for the state-of-the-practice in the Software Reuse Area based on Real Problems


  • Vinicius Cardoso Garcia (vcg at cin dot ufpe dot br)

Teaching assistants

  • Leandro Marques (leandro.marques at gmail dot com)
  • Paulo Silveira (pauloadmsn at gmail dot com)
  • Vanilson Buregio (vanilson at gmail dot com)



Group email: in1163 at googlegroups dot com



We define a notion of social machine and envisage an algebra that can describe networks of such. To start with, social machines are defined as tuples of input, output, processes, constraints, state, requests and responses; apart from defining the machines themselves, the algebra defines a set of connectors and conditionals that can be used to describe the interactions between any number of machines in a multitude of ways, as a means to represent real machines interacting in the real web, such as Twitter, Twitter running on top of Amazon AWS, mashups built using Twitter and, obviously, other social machines. This work is not a theoretical work as yet; but, in more than one sense, we think we have found a way to describe web based information systems and are starting to work on what could be a practical way of dealing with the complexity of this emerging web of social machines that is all around us.

For more information, please read

SMART (Social Machines Research Team) website:

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